Creative Direction – Jason Mills / Jim Borwick is one of the largest automotive websites in the world. With traffic averaging over 300,000 visitors a week, visitors to should be inspired to live the Jeep lifestyle. Our goal for the site was to provide a simple user experience while immersing the viewer with rich imagery throughout the experience.

Creative Direction – Jason Mills / Jim Borwick
Art Direction – Jason Mills / Matias Palacios Hardy / Sherry Tang / Aaron Aylward / Annie Tung

I love The images are rich and insightful. The experience is easy and functional while inspiring customers to dream and to dare.
— Jim Morrison is managed through an Adobe CMS along with other brands in the FCA portfolio. We leveraged a series of templates with custom layouts and CSS to provide a unique experience compared to other FCA brands. Our vision was to let larger visuals showcase the brand with interactive elements to demonstrate vehicle details. White space was used to create some balance with the larger visuals, while highlighting some of the key visual features.