Infiniti Enhanced 360˚

Creative Direction – Jason Mills / Jim Borwick


Many of our initiatives for Infiniti Global involved creating assets that could be used by our regional markets. Partnering with Taylor James, we created a series of exterior and interior 360˚ panoramas to showcase the personality of each vehicle. One of the unique aspects of the panoramas was that they transitioned through a 24 hour time lapse to help showcase the vehicle in day and night. An incredibly complex production that required unique solutions for all 72 frames of the animation.

Creative Direction – Jason Mills / Benno Masanori
3D Agency – Taylor James

The change in time of day meant that on one frame we may have something that looks like a morning shot and 2 seconds later it the same area would be dusk because of the fast pace of the light change. This meant our shaders and lighting had to be spot on”
— Mark Knowles, Taylor James